What are the effects after wearing masks for a long time?

People wear masks for a long time because of the coronavirus, which results in occurring acne、dermatitis、sensitive skin、allergy and so on. Certainly, all the facial skin problems are from the mask!

The skin damage caused by wearing masks is mainly from three aspects:

Excessive hydration, the more skin moisture does not equate to the better results. Masks form a relatively closed space in the surface of skin, which makes the steam gather constantly,   resulting in rising the humidity of skin surface . Do you think it well? People may think that way can hydrate the skin so as to save facial mask. But actually, skin excessive hydration will cause a great harm!

Excessive moisture will change the structure of cuticle cells , which makes structure loose after the gaps becoming bigger between cuticle cells.

Skin Barrier=Cuticle Structure+Sebum Film

     The function of skin barrier will descend naturally when cuticle structure becomes loose.     

Moisture will change the faintly acid of skin surface as well.

The more moisture, the less acidity. If the pH value of skin surface shows neutral, it will influence skin heath.

Humid environment also multiplies bacteria and fungus easily, and caused inflammation.

As you can see, once it combines with damaged skin barrier、broken faintly acid and multipied bacteria and fungus, you may occur acne, allergy and sensitive skin quickly.

2. To be rubbed by masks on your face is a step towards facial skin problems.

Masks are single size in the market. Different people wear the same size masks will feel different pressure and elastic force. Therefore, if you wear the mismatched mask, it will engender pressure damage to your skin, break your skin bacteria, resulting in skin allergy and redness and swelling.

3.Material Quality

Except of size, the quality of masks are uneven in the market. Some masks may contain formaldehyde, which will cause allergic dermatitis after stimulating skin.

Some people may suffer much!

Regardless of the mask quality, they all will be caused allergy or inflammation by its material, such as non woven fabric、rubber string and so on.