Superficial Meso and Cosmetology

We know that the physiological stratification of skin mainly includes epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The skin presents to you, first of all, the outermost epidermis. We often say that the skin is delicate and smooth, the color is uniform, the pores are not obvious, and so on. It seems that it all refer to the epidermis. On the other hand, we often encounter dark skin color, color spots, telangiectasia and acne, which can be found everywhere in our life, which has become a problem that we must face and solve in the beauty industry.

  In skin care and beauty treatment, the problem of dermis plays a decisive role in the above-mentioned epidermal performance. The lowest part of the skin epidermis is called the basal layer; Between the basal layer and the dermis, a thin protein membrane is divided and linked. This membrane is called the basal membrane, and then reaches the uppermost layer of the dermis: the dermal papilla layer. Between the dermis and epidermis, the larger the combined area, the more prominent the papillary bulge and depression, and the intact basement membrane, the skin is healthy. Let's take a look at the following two pictures, which are the physiological sections of skin at the age of 18 and 50, can clearly understand.

18-year-old skin profile

50-year-old skin profile

Here we can see that there is a great difference between aging, color spots, loose skin, lack of water, and skin with degraded epidermal tissue quality. Therefore, in the skin beauty treatment, in order to control color spots and delay aging, we should not only repair the epidermal barrier, but also work hard in the dermis. Specifically, it is to control the inflammation of the dermis, repair the density of the dermis, restore the integrity of the basement membrane, and increase the "viscosity" and bonding surface area between the dermal papilla layer and the basal layer of the epidermis.

The traditional shallow mesotherapy, which is represented by mesogun so the mesotherapy came into being. The “mesogun” is to inject anti-inflammatory or repair nutrients directly into the dermis through the needle, so as to achieve the effects of whitening, anti-aging and tightening.

Injection has obvious characteristics of remarkable beauty effect. Because the dose of one injection is large enough, it is widely used by many practitioners. However, injection has its limitations, such as the medical qualification of injection institutions, the legitimacy of operators, whether the source of drugs is legal, allergies caused by surface anesthesia, possible infections during customer operation, postoperative allergies and skin redness, swelling and papules, which must be faced up to and avoided.

Therefore, we hope to achieve the effect of mesotherapy, while avoiding the side effects and uncertainty of injection or deep layer treatment. The superficial range of basal layer dermal papilla layer directly affects the epidermis and dermis. It is of great significance in the application of skin beauty. At the junction of epidermis and dermis, a little deeper, we call it "shallow mesoembryo", which is roughly 1.0-1.5mm.

This depth is the range affected by a large number of chronic inflammation of skin beauty. Capillary endings and nerve endings are enriched here. In addition, some cells related to strong immunity are relatively less distributed, so it is not easy to have allergic reaction to treatment.

Therefore, This is the where the effective drugs can be imported shallowly.   Be familiar with and master the treatment methods of mesotherapy, which can effectively achieve multiple effects such as anti-aging and wrinkle removal, water locking and moisturizing, whitening and rejuvenation, oil control and acne removal; It is not so easy to have adverse reactions after treatment.

Therefore, we should fully grasp the core point of mesotherapy, and give full play to its leading position in treatment.

In order to achieve the comprehensive effect of mesotherapy, we should first choose reasonable photoelectric equipment, that is, the penetration depth of this laser can reach the shallow mesoembryo; Secondly, this kind of laser also needs to have a certain effect of slight skin damage in order to effectively get into the skin barrier and create absorption channels. Thirdly, the trauma of this kind of laser to the skin cannot be too significant. Otherwise, although enough products are introduced after after laser treatment, it is also easy to cause a series of follow-up problems, which are unacceptable to customers.

Through technical analysis and practical test of skin treatment, we found that only 1927nm fractional thulium laser has the unique effect that meets the requirements.

First of all, let's take a look at the common Co2 laser. It can effectively open the skin channel, but the peeling effect on the skin is too significant, with a long scab shutdown period. In the later stage, there may be inflammatory pigmentation and other problems, which is not suitable for frequent use; For deep skin breaking equipment such as RF microneedles, anesthetic needs to be applied, and the subsequent scab problem is still significant; The micro needle and rolling needle also have similar problems. In addition, the micro needle minimally invasive puncture inlet is closed rapidly, and the absorption and beauty effect are also limited. IPL (photon) equipment, the penetration depth of light can also reach the depth of mesotherapy, but it can not make the import channel of epidermis, and the subsequent absorption of effective components is insufficient.

Only 1927nm fractional thulium laser, due to its unique laser characteristics and water absorption coefficient (see the figure below), can effectively open the skin absorption microchannel and directly act on the depth of mesotherapy. It itself has irreplaceable multiple cosmetic treatment effects. It belongs to non exfoliation micro exfoliation laser. The main energy acts on the dermis. After epidermal treatment, it is almost non-invasive, without surface anesthesia and downtime, so with high acceptance

All set beauty treatment projects can be carried out safely and are easy to repurchase. Moreover, thulium laser can achieve all-round beauty effect by cooperating with different kinds of effective components to promote skin absorption. Its comprehensive efficacy, after strict demonstration and clinical comparison, is the most suitable laser for the treatment of shallow mesotherapy.

The above characteristics of thulium laser have strong treatment effect, wide treatment range, simple operation technology, and can be superimposed with a variety of treatment items in skin beauty. These project include:

1. Improve and tighten the skin and treat static wrinkles

2. Whiten and lighten spots, brighten skin color

3. Shrink pores and control oil

4. Anti inflammatory acne

5. Shrink eye bags, lift eyelids and fade dark circles

6. Areola, private external tenderization

7. Scalp care to stimulate hair growth

8. Improve the overall health of the skin