New LED Face Mask Launch

Choicy is proud to announce the lauch of LED face mask, it could be used as following

1. Adopts LED light therapy to accelerate the skin circulation for anti-aging , no side effect, healthy and safe.
2. 8 colors light, which has different wave length for light treatment of skin problem.
3. It can effectively reduce wrinkles and sagging, shrink pores, tighten and firm skin, make skin

tender, elastic and young.
4. Improve dark complexion caused by bad metabolism or poor blood circulation.
5. Repair and nurse the damaged skin, easy to operate, comfortable and painless.
6. A good skin care tool for solving skin problems, such as yellow and dark skin, , large pores,

loose skin, etc.


The mask begins with the hot cold steam to open skin pores, then do the treatment with different colors light. led_011.jpgled_006.jpg

For more details, please check LED facial mask