IPL, DPL & OPT, What are they?

Skin rejuvenation is one of the most common and classical skin rejuvenation programs. IPL, DPL and OPT, these terms are confusing to many people, what are the similarities and differences? How to choose? Today you will have a clearer understanding about it.


Full name: Intensive Pulsed Light, this is a kind of non-coherent light, that is to say, it is not a laser, is the core of photoelectric cosmetic basic equipment, its excellent safety and wide adaptability, in photoelectric cosmetic, has an irreplaceable position. Its spectral range is generally 400-1200nm.

Due to the ability to emit multiple wavelengths of light at the same time, covering melanin, oxygenated hemoglobin, water and other target chromophores absorption peaks, so it has a variety of effects such as whitening sweep black, red fading (closed blood vessels, treatment of vascular disease), skin rejuvenation (stimulation of collagen and elastin new and rearrangement, treatment of photo-aging).

The current market IPL treatment instrument is mainly made in China, South Korea. OPT, DPL in fact are also IPL, all belong to the intense pulsed light technology, but on behalf of different companies.


Full name: Optimum Pulsed Light Technology, called Perfect Pulsed Light Technology. This technology is optimized for the inherent shortcomings of IPL, mainly solving the problem of uneven energy release and difficult to control parameters in the treatment process of multi-pulse IPL. It is an intense pulsed light from an American company, and the perfect pulse technique is difficult to achieve and very expensive.

It has the following advantages compared to traditional intense pulsed light.

1. OPT is a uniform square wave, eliminating the beginning part of the energy peak beyond the therapeutic energy, effectively controlling the whole process of treatment and improving safety.

To avoid the subsequent pulse energy attenuation can not reach the treatment energy problem, improve the effectiveness.

Each pulse or sub-pulse is a uniform square wave distribution, which has excellent reproducibility and repeatability of treatment.

The doctor can adjust the pulse width and energy to the maximum range, effectively avoid the thermal damage to the skin of the invalid spectrum, reduce the risk of burns, the treatment process is more moderate, safe and effective.


Full name: Delicate Pulsed Light, which means precision pulsed light with a spectrum of 500-600nm or 550-650nm. representative device is the Israeli company's Brilliant 360 (Precision Skin Rejuvenation System) equipped with DPL Precision 500 and DPL Precision 550 treatment heads, which are mainly accomplished through the treatment head handpiece.

DPL Precision 500: The spectrum of intense pulsed light is compressed within 500 to 600nm, and contains two oxyhemoglobin absorption peaks, which makes the spectrum more targeted, and is used for the treatment of vascular diseases such as telangiectasia, post-acne erythema, facial flushing, bright red moles and other vascular diseases.

DPL Precise 550: The spectrum of intense pulsed light is compressed in 550 to 650nm, and the ratio of melanin absorption rate and penetration depth is guaranteed at the same time, which is used for the treatment of freckles, sun spots, age spots and other pigmentary diseases.

If the machine is a combination of the two, firstly, it has a uniform pulse energy, which can effectively control the whole treatment process and improve safety; secondly, it has an accurate output spectral range, targeted and precise treatment of skin problems. But to achieve this combination, both the equipment and technology requirements are very high, and its price is not cheap.

So what exactly do you choose? The price of the equipment seen on the market varies. It's a very annoying problem. However, there is an unchanging principle that you get what you pay for, and if you think you can get a real OPT for tens of thousands of dollars, that's just your own psychological comfort!