Level 1 aesthetic training course (How to set up an aesthetic center) is completed

Choicy held an online aesthetic training about how to set up your own aesthetic center on Dec. 9, 2021, in order to help beauty salon owner to have better understandings to choose and develop the suitable treatment program.   

Main topic:

1. What are the common treatment programs in current beauty salon?

2. How to select and develop the suitable treatment program?

3. What are four main technology theories for the treatment program?

4. Q&A part, talk with professions in beauty industry and communicate with the learners.

Ⅰ What are the aesthetic equipment?

Starts from the common treatment programs in the aesthetic center, and what needs to pay attention to when choose and develop the programs, then goes to the most common used beauty equipment for the treatment programs.

vacuum Rf machine.jpg

IPL treatment.jpgradiofrequency machine treatment.jpg

co2 laser.jpgled system.jpg

Ⅱ Q&A part

Communicate with the professionals in the aesthetic industry, and answer the questions from dermatologists, beauticians, aesthetic practitioners.

answer thequestions from dermatologist.png