HIFU and Thermage could Work Together?

Last time, we talked about the difference between HIFU and thermage. Some people may doubt that which one is better? Which beauty machine is more suitable for the clients?

This question doesn't really need to be so tedious, because they are not a two-for-one, but a double sword that complements each other in a complementary relationship.

The radio frequency energy emitted by Thermage acts directly on the dermis layer of skin, which can better produce effect on collagen, and precisely apply the high efficient radio frequency heat energy on the target skin, so that the collagen fiber shrinks instantly, at the same time, collagen reorganization and stimulate the new collagen in the skin, reduce sagging, and achieve the effect of skin tightening and anti-wrinkle.

HIFU is the use of ultrasound energy, deep penetration, able to penetrate deep into the SMAS fascia layer, generating nearly 10,000 condensation points, generating high energy to produce immediate collagen contraction and stimulation of a large number of new collagen and collagen reorganization, building a new collagen fiber network, thereby enhancing the elasticity of the skin from the underlying layer, so that the sagging skin tighten up.

In general, Thermage and Ultrasound have their own characteristics, and they can be operated together to achieve complementary advantages.

The energy emitted by Thermage is applied to the dermis layer of the skin in a "faceted" manner to eliminate double chins, reduce excess fat while tightening sagging skin on the cheeks and neck, and improve skin condition. It is also able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and bags under the eyes and other skin aging problems.

The energy emitted during the operation of the HIFU is precisely focused on the SMAS fascia in the form of "points", which can precisely locate the landing point of the energy, and the energy is controllable, delicate and accurate, with a more comprehensive effect to achieve a deeper anti-aging and shaping effect on the face and neck.

The HIFU should avoid the nerve-rich areas, which is deeper and more accurate, and is concentrated on the thicker parts of the soft tissue.

Thermage can be used in small areas where ultrasound cannot be used, so the combination of the two can complement each other.

If the economic conditions allow, you can choose the two methods of joint operation according to your own situation.