Shanghai barred wrinkle injections and other medical beauty ads

Recently, Shanghai Administration of industry and commerce advertising review tips, for the protection of consumer health and life safety, prohibit the publication containing the propaganda of botulinum toxin type A the content of the advertisement, violators will be investigated and dealt with according to the “measures for the administration of medical advertisements.”

It is understood, botulinum toxin type A is composed of Clostridium botulinum cultivation separation, is a know natural and synthetic lethal toxicity strongest neurotoxin, is mainly used for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases in the medical field, the domestic production od the products of the Lanzhou Institute of biological products of “Heng force”, the inlet is Botox Glaxo GSK’s “(BO TOX)”.

Recently found in the business sector in the advertising monitoring, some non medical institutions will be the beauty salon for anti wrinkle beauty services, claimed that “as long as a shot, never leave wrinkles”, suspected of being engaged in medical beauty events. At present, botulinum toxin type A has been incorporated into the “toxic drugs management variety catalogue”, in accordance with the “measures for the administration for medical toxic drugs” management, at the same time, the relevant notice is clear for the business sector to the related A botulinum toxin and preparation of production, management, use of advertising, must be resolutely banned according to law.

For the protection of consumer personal health and life safety, Shanghai industry and commerce to prohibit the use of radio, television, newspapers, periodicals, print, Internet and other media release of botulinum toxin type A and preparation of production, management, use of advertising.

Beauty salons and other non medical institutions are not allowed to “wrinkle injection””BO TOX” biological wrinkles “wrinkle” and other forms of publication containing botulinum toxin type A and preparation of illegal advertising, in violation of the provisions of the “measures”, according to the administration of medical advertisements.

Medical institutions shall not release contains “wrinkle injection” “BO TOX” biological wrinkles “wrinkle” and other contents of the medical cosmetic advertising and containing botulinum A toxin and its preparation and other contents of the drug advertisement.