Hydra-Revival Skincare Machine

The hydra-revival skincare machine is a beauty machine that combines multiple functions into one machine. It combines various functions to achieve deep cleansing of the skin and alleviate the nutrition effect of the skin.

1. The perfect combination of the four functions

Ultra-micro bubbles: strong cleansing of the skin, moisturizing whitening, deep hydration, removal of mites;

Kinetic energy and oxygen technology: exfoliate, oxygenate the skin, deep cleansing, remove aging keratinocytes, remove sebum, oil residue, and inject oxygen and yellow into the skin;

Four-level mesh RF technology: Lighten wrinkles and firm skin;

No needle technology: strong water lock, fine pores, promote the absorption of nutrients, make the skin moist and delicate.

2. Vacuum vortex microbubble cleaning

Through the vacuum forming circuit, the ultra-micro bubble and the nutrient solution are fully combined, and the specially designed eddy current probe has a spiral motion mode directly acting on the skin, and can maintain the ultra-micro bubble to contact the skin for a long time and promote the peeling effect.

Since the ultrafine bubbles are only 10 microns in diameter, they can easily penetrate into the pores and carry away the dirt inside the pores.

It can deeply cleanse and remove aging keratin, remove sebum, thoroughly clean all kinds of impurities, aphids and grease residues in the funnel of the hair follicle.

This bubble water can sterilize, cleanse the skin, exfoliate, increase elasticity, improve skin diseases, improve skin allergies, improve acne, and provide long-lasting nutrition to the skin, making the skin moist and delicate.

The instrument is equipped with special handles and special products. The special products include exfoliation, whitening and anti-aging. When the skin is applied to the skin, it can deep clean the residual skin material and resist the regeneration of bacteria, and regenerate the skin cells, restore skin health and whitening.

3. Kinetic energy and oxygen technology

Use the carbon-oxygen kinetic energy massage head to massage with the special cleansing gel and firming gel on the skin, and with the specific vibration frequency of the operating head, the physical reaction between the oxygenated kinetic energy massage head and the special gel is formed, which cause millions of small carbon dioxide bubbles are formed, the skin in a carbon dioxide-rich weak acid environment, will reduce the pH value inside the cell, causing the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin in red blood cells to decrease, hemoglobin release will put more O2, so that the oxygen content in the skin tissue structure increases.

Through the rich acidification of carbon dioxide and the injection of active ingredients, skin cells automatically produce oxygen and regenerate.

4. Four-level mesh RF technology

The quadrupole mesh RF technology uses micro-current to penetrate the skin, locally heat the skin, promote the contraction and remodeling of the subcutaneous collagen, thicken the dermis layer, improve the fine lines, and fully tighten the skin.

Unique technical advantages, safe and comfortable, the device handle has an automatic thermal system. When the skin temperature reaches 37-41 °C, the handle will turn red. After one minute, the indicator will turn blue and green alternately, indicating that the operating part needs to be replaced, to ensure the treatment effect and safety.

5. Ultrasound, no needle technology

Working principle:

The use of high-frequency ultrasound to produce micro-vibration of the internal skin stimuli, generate micro-heat, drive the skin tissue to accelerate the metabolism of the cells and promote blood circulation, and at the same time import the product into the bottom layer of the skin. Strengthens the skin's lock water, fine pores and improves skin condition.


1 Different modes can be selected according to different skin types.

2 Specially designed vibrating massage head for massage and soothing the eyes.

Treatment Range:

1. Improve acne, remove blackheads, clear away phlegm, and remove allergens from skin

2. Whitening the skin, improving the skin's dark yellowness and improving the skin texture

3. Deep cleansing of the skin, while hydrating and supplementing the skin

4. Fine pores and firm skin

5. ighten the stain

6. Promote the absorption of the active ingredients of the skin by the skin


1. Perform sensitive tests on the ear before the first use of gel, without any obvious irritation or inflammation, then can do treatment

2. It is forbidden to do facial massage after completing the treatment

3, cleansing gel and firming gel should be avoided before and after treatment with products containing fruit acid

4. Pay attention to sun protection and hydration after operation

5, can not use functional skin care products after the operation

6, after oxygen head and RF head treatment, eat less spicy and irritating food;