Freckle Removal by Using E-light, OPT machine

Treatment Theory

Light acts on the skin, and melanin absorbs a lot of heat to achieve thermal coagulation, which causes melanin to be excreted with its own metabolism.

Clinical endpoint

1) Have a feeling of heat and tingling

2) The color of freckles is obviously deeper to chocolate

3) Have a burning feeling that lasts for half an hour

Course of treatment

3-4 courses, suggest to do skin rejuvenation in the last course

Interval time

One month

After treatment

1) Apply with professional laser postoperative repair products (anti-inflammatory blush, whitening blemishes, epidermal repair) at the treatment area

2) Do not wash face within three days, wash face with warm water three days later.

3) Do not take a bath within three days, NOT steam or do spa in seven days.

4) No smoking, no alcohol, NOT eat stimulating food (such as mutton, fish, shrimps, etc.), seafood, etc. within seven days

5) Pay attention to sun protection


It will scab after freckles treatment, and it will naturally fall off after crusting. It should not be rubbed off by hand to prevent pigmentation.

Below people CANNOT do freckle treatment  

1) After the sun exposure

2) People who use functional cosmetics, stop using it for three months before treatment

3) People with high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high blood fat

4) Scarred people

5) Photoallergic people