All about CO2 Fractional Laser

Theory and efficacy

1. CO2 fractional laser, as a representative device of focal photothermolysis effect, through a series of complex computer hardware and software, scanning motor, laser compact design combination, control CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser output energy, shoot thermal trauma tiny point on the skin

2. The energy of each laser point, under the millisecond pulse width, can be increased by 400 degrees, and the skin epidermis moisture is evaporated instantaneously, and the skin is whitened in a diameter range of about 0.2 mm. This small circle range burns the skin, destroys the epidermal cell tissue, stimulates and damages the underlying dermis.

3. This small skin area is burned and destroyed, causing a partial second degree burn, and the body is strongly stimulated, then it will immediately start a series of self-repairing processes of the skin.

4. Because of the controllable point spacing between these thermal trauma tiny points, such as 1mm, a portion of normal skin tissue is preserved between thermal damage points. We call it a skin bridge. These "good" tissues, allows us to repair the skin without leaving scars after treatment.

5. As the skin repairs itself and rebuilds, the collagen fibers and proteins damaged by heat in the dermis gradually become apoptotic and are absorbed and metabolized by the body's immune system. As a result, the body produces more fresh collagen fibers and proteins, which tightens and lifts our skin; the epidermis is gradually smashed due to thermal damage, and instead a new epidermal tissue is formed. The basic cosmetic purpose of "resurfacing" and "rejuvenation" has been achieved.

6. At the same time, there are many pigment spots in our skin epidermis, which will disappear with the “resurfacing” of the epidermis. This is also the theory of skin whitening after co2 fractional laser treatment.

Treatment Range

The intense stimulation of co2 fractional laser in the skin can effectively solve the following problems,

1. Depressed scars: acne scars caused by acne, tissue defects caused by trauma, under the action of co2 fractional laser, new tissue fibers such as collagen fibers are produced, which can well fill small skin "pits" of depressed defects.

2. Slightly hypertrophic scars and stretch marks: scars and proliferative types, as well as fiber stretch fracture stretch marks. Through the CO2 laser, stimulation, grinding, skin perforation introduced to inhibit scar hyperplasia, contraction of blood vessels.

3. Hormone-dependent dermatitis: achieves a very aggressive and positive effect through full-face resurfacing; after this treatment, the customer's skin will produce a very serious "acne-burst". With gentle and positive repair, you can achieve the effects that other weak laser treatments can't achieve.

4. Acne treatment: the thermal effect of CO2 laser, has excellent effect on acne full face treatment, closed acne, killing acne propioni, etc. At the same time, it can also simultaneously improve acne marks and improve overall skin texture

5. Oil control, shrink pores: long pulse infrared laser (CO2 fractional laser belongs to this category), can effectively control oil, shrink pores, and has a good therapeutic effect on perioral dermatitis

6. Pigmented tincture: treatment of pigmented nevus, using CO2 laser "cutting head", also called surgical head”, using pulse or super pulse mode, the skin does not bleed during treatment, clear vision, high efficiency, feel less pain

7. Age spots, flat warts, jaundice, fat granules and other proliferative skin diseases. These excess pathological tissues are vaporized and ablated by the exfoliation and cleavage of the CO2 laser.

Adverse reactions and responses

The biggest feeling of the fractional laser is pain like burning during the treatment; the black and red of the skin during the 5-7 days of sputum removal; therefore, it requires long-term sun protection, anti-black and insist on repairing the skin care process.

If the pain at the time of treatment is only temporary, then the improper care after falling off, the increase in pigmentation (anti-black), and the thinning of the skin are even more important. In the repair before and after treatment, the simple ingredients are the safest; remember that if you are unfortunate enough to use the so-called "Chinese medicine mask" for skin care after laser surgery, then disfigurement is the most reasonable result.

A. Moisturizing and locking water is the top priority;

B. Providing skin nutrition and outside support is the second priority;

C. Sun protection is the third priority.

How to deal with the above problems?

1. Heat pain like burning during treatment: After almost 5 seconds after the laser spot is shot, the skin will appear edema and it will appear to "high up" the normal skin surface. Although the pain is strong, we do not approve of lidocaine or other anesthetics, because it is easy to cause allergic reactions, and will be a "discount" for the treatment effect. Customers need to try to bear the pain. The treatment process is fast, shoot the treatment pattern (fractional) one by one as soon as possible to shorten the customer's endurance time. After the treatment is completed, the half face needs to be sprayed with the spray and essence containing collagen, repairing factor and hyaluronic acid

After the whole face treatment, in addition to spraying the above products, the collagen mask dressing is applied immediately. After the mask is applied for about 20 minutes, the customer still feels pain, but has already improved; then some high-end beauty agency can spray the more expensive but particularly high-end protein, mussel mucin, is a powerful repair that protects and promotes wound healing. Some customers, if they are still afraid of pain, can give her a cold compress, using medical physical cold compress materials is more appropriate.

2. After treatment, about 2 hours or so, the pain is weakened and the skin feels tight. At this time, the “jojoba oil” should be used immediately for tissue packing to reduce water loss and moisturize. Within the next 48 hours, the treatment area should not be exposed to water to avoid bacterial infection. Within 3 days of treatment, everyone should actively use the above-mentioned repair products, but the quantity density should not be too high, and the interval should not be less than 3 hours per use. Dry area (low air humidity) can increase hyaluronic acid + collagen in about 2 hours, topical jojoba oil to keep the package, lock the water; In addition, the composite repair factor is enough 3-4 times a day, the repair factor must use EGF-based products or even pure EGF (but this pure EGF is hard to buy the real one in the market, most of them you see is a mixture of bFGF and low-concentration EGF). Please note that the so-called too much is too late, the dose can not be excessive, otherwise the skin may appear allergic to the repair product and aggravate the follow-up problem.

3. 2-3 hours after the treatment, the skin began to show obvious tension, dryness, and pigmentation (blackening). Dear friends, this is a completely normal skin reaction. After any laser treatment, especially invasive laser treatment, it is a stimulus to the skin, resulting in an inflammatory reaction, resulting in pigmentation. If a business wants to eliminate or deny the process, it is a self-deception; and according to clinical observations, the stronger the process, the better the comprehensive treatment of the skin after repair. And what we have to do at this time: physical sunscreen (with umbrella, with a slight mask), use the above repair products, remember that moisturizing lock water is the first priority!

4. The next few days are the process of skin redness, crusting, and shedding.

Scab off, whitening and anti-allergic

1. But how long it is better to scab off ? When is the mask used?

Use the mask two days before, don't use it for a few days during the scab is off. It is more suitable that scab off for 5-8 days. The products used these days are the above mentioned, and use jojoba oil to suppress dry itching.

Dry itching will further cause allergies and telangiectasia.

It is not good that scab off too long or too short. In fact, the appropriate time to lose the scab is whether the skin has been completed and the inflammatory reaction of the skin has been reduced. If the person forcibly strips off the scab and the face is pink and flushed, then the pigment will be active and anti-black after three or four days of follow-up; if it is not scab off after 14 days, then the scab may inhibit the growth of the underlying skin, even bacterial inflammation

2. When using L-vitamin C?

In fact, after the fractional laser resurfacing, the skin will appear more or less transient "inflammatory coloration", we must provide reasonable whitening ingredients to reduce resistance. L-Vitamin C is a commonly used pigment inhibitor, but because it is an acidic substance (ascorbic acid, vitamin C), it has a certain stimulating effect on fragile skin. Therefore, we recommend L-dimensional vitamin C, arbutin to be used 7 - 14 days after dropping. That is to say, reduce the stimulation and produce reasonable whitening benefits. At this time, it may be a good idea to use astaxanthin to inhibit the pigmentation. Therefore, in dealing with possible pigmentation, it is safer for us to still use moisturizing, sunscreen, and reasonable repair of skin care products to care for newborn skin.

Anti-allergic and prevent "skin thinning"

The skin is an active organ with strong self-adaptation and self-healing ability. But it also can't stand the daily hustle and bustle, messing with all kinds of cosmetics, sun and rain.

After the fractional laser, it can stimulate the skin itself, but if it is not doubled care, there may cause sequelae like skin sensitive. These are long-term work that cannot be taken lightly that using repair skin care products after laser treatment. As long as the treatment is in place, repairs, sun protection and daily life management, you can maintain a healthier skin.

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