The Rise And Rise Of IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Here’s why IPL is the hottest hi-tech technology

Clearer, younger looking, healthier, more radiant skin. What's not to love about IPL skin rejuvenation? A quick Google search will show you that Australia's most successful, award winning salons, spas and clinics feature IPL prominently on their service menu. On the one hand it's all about delivering top tier clinical renewal results without clients having to hide away with post-treatment downtime. On the otherhand, it's also an extremely savvy business investment. Why? Because IPL can achieve a lot – a whole treatment menu's worth to be exact – with just one machine

Before and After-Treatments with our IPL

Give your clients results driven skin services with IPL machine Skin Rejuvenation

The process of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses a range of light wavelengths to target specific skin concerns. This makes it an excellent treatment for:

Photo Rejuvenation:Controlled pulses of filtered light stimulate fibroblast cells that produce collagen and elastin to correct uneven skin tone and texture

Vascular Therapy: Pulses of green light shut down any unwanted vascular lesions such as rosacea or spider veins by constricting the capillaries, which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system

Pigmentation Correction: Pulses of green light are used to heat and shatter superficial pigmentation such as sun spots and freckles which micro crusts and then falls awa

Acne Reduction: Blue light is used to reduce acne causing bacteria, clear congestion in the skin and prevent future breakouts

Why Skin Specialists Love IPL Skin Rejuvenation

The other great benefit of IPL skin rejuvenation (also known as photo rejuvenation), is that therapists aren't limited to the facial region. IPL can be divided into face, neck, decollete and hand treatments for your service menu to better address your client's personal objectives

IPL skin rejuvenation is also:

Fast to treat, so you can fit more appointments in your day

Non-invasive, so clients can resume usual activities sooner

Highly effective and more psychologically satisfying when compared to over the counter products that make radical, often unsubstantiated claims

An in demand treatment that keeps clients coming back for more

Looking to Get Started with IPL Skin Rejuvenation?

All of our IPL machines for sale come with comprehensive free training as well as ongoing technical, clinical and marketing support. Call our device consultants today to discover our ultra-flexible repayment plans and get up and running with IPL sooner than you ever imagined.