Why fat reduction surgery is becoming a thing of the past

Nobody wants to undergo liposuction procedures unless they feel they have no other option. They are costly, painful, inconvenient due to extensive post-treatment recovery, and they run the risk of infection or scarring. But with the industry’s focus shifting from surgical slimming to non-surgical slimming innovations, there are thankfully more appealing options now available — and clients need only make an appointment with their favourite beauty therapist to receive help with their unwanted fat and cellulite concerns

1. Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis, also known as cryoliporeduction, is a non-surgical slimming technology that uses the application of controlled icy temperatures (reaching as low as -10°C) to freeze and destroy unwanted fatty subcutaneous tissue. The crystalised fat is processed out through the body’s natural filtration system over a course of days and weeks, ultimately revealing a trimmer, tauter appearance of the treatment area. There is no post-treatment downtime, and a session takes an hour or less.

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2. Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation engages thermal ultrasound energy to reduce unwanted circumferential fat and cellulite. Ultrasonic waves penetrate the target zone, shaking the fat cell walls to create an implosion of micro-bubbles that emulsify the unwanted fat. The dislodged fat exits via the body’s filtration system over the course of a week. Treatments can continue until the client reaches their desired result, and there is no post-treatment recovery following sessions.


3. RF skin tightening

RF Skin Tightening is commonly used hand-in-hand with fat reduction technology to further tighten and tone the loose skin that remains after fat has been removed. However, RF Skin Tightening is also a popular stand-alone treatment for clients seeking to address skin laxity as a result of ageing, childbirth and other factors. Radiofrequency energy is applied to the target zone (face or body), heating the skin to induce instant tissue retraction, resulting in tightened skin and a lifted appearance. The process also stimulates collagen production and flushes out toxins by boosting blood and lymphatic flow

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