Golden RF microneedle

For skin problems such as acne, blackheads, large pores, acne marks, wrinkles and so on, if you want the treatment with obvious effect, less trauma and no downtime, the golden RF microneedle would be a good choice.

What is the golden RF microneedle?

Treatment theory:

After absorbing the skin with the vacuum device of the top cover edge line, the golden microneedle is used to transfer RF energy system, which infiltrates the microneedle into the dermis and transmits high-intensity RF energy at the same time. The RF energy (60 ~ 70 ℃) transmitted can stimulate fibroblasts and collagen to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity and manage problematic skin.

Treatment scope:

  1. Reduce wrinkles

  2. Ptosis of eyes

  3. Skin firming

  4. Brighten skin

  5. Repair acne marks and scars

  6. Large pores

  7. Stretch marks

  8. Sweating, dark circles

Q & A of the golden RF microneedle

Q1:   What is the difference between golden RF microneedle and fractional laser?

A1:   The advantage of golden RF microneedle is that there is only minimally invasive wound on the epidermis, the risk of pigmentation is low, and no downtime. While the effect of fractional laser is obvious, but the damage of epidermis is large, pigmentation is easy to occur, and the downtime is long.

Q2: How long is the treatment interval of the golden RF microneedle?

A2:   Normally, treatment can be carried out once a month. If combined with other projects, the treatment interval can be extended appropriately, depending on individual skin conditions.

Q3: What are the contraindications of the golden RF microneedle?


(1)Not allow to do when your skin is allergic.

  (2)Not allow to do if there is wound on the skin or severe pustule acne.

(3)Not during menstruation, lactation and pregnancy

(4)   Patients with severe hypertension, heart disease, hypass, diabetes, skin diseases and infectious diseases are not allowed to do.

(5) With an interval of one month when you have done laser treatment, ultrasonic treatment and mesogun; With an interval of three months when you have done injection and filling micro shaping projects.

Q4: What are the precautions after being treated by the golden RF microneedle?


(1) Don't wash your face with water within 24 hours, and you can not take a bath on that day.

(2) Apply medical sterile facial mask after one week of treatment.

(3) No bathing, sweat steaming, strenuous exercise and febrile exercise within three days.

(4) Pay attention to your diet within three days, specially avoid seafood, beef, mutton and   other spicy and stimulating food.

(5) Avoid smoking and alcohol, specially alcohol within three days.

(6) Pay attention to sunscreen.

Q5: How to repair after the golden RF microneedle therapy?


After finishing the golden RF microneedle therapy, importing sodium hyaluronate solution can function as anti-inflammation, soothing sensitivity, strong sedation and regulating skin microcirculation.

Firstly, apply the cold compress and collagen spray. The ingredients are simple, contain only collagen and water, and quickly fade redness.

Secondly, use peptide repair essence, including oligopeptide, to stimulate damaged skin to repair and regenerate quickly.

Thirdly, use peptide repairing cream to strengthen moisturizing and water locking, and maintain the wet condition of the skin.

Finally, collagen gel is used as a support and barrier for damaged skin, and then special attention should be paid to sunscreen.