There are areas of the body that are very resistant to dieting and exercising. The   problem is that one may lose weight, but the fat from the troubled area desired to   treat doesn't go away.

Crlipolysis is a non-invasive treatment, an applicator gets applied strategically to the target area you want to get rid of, causing the fat to become frozen and die. Over the 4-6 week period, the fat will get metabolized and then excreted out of your system. This four to six week process also allows skin ample time to readjust and retighten (so you aren't left with excess skin.)

A fat reduction treatment that uses laser therapy to remove fat. The process involves using a low-level laser to creat a small pre inside the fat cell. The fat is then emulsified and drained through the pore, then eliminated through the body's lymphatic system. Laser shape has been clinically proven to reduce body circumference an average of 3-5 inches in just over two weeks.