The 41st photoelectric aesthetic core technology intensive course successfully completed!

The most practical photoelectric aesthetic technology course

Course Topics

Medical theory support
Skin theory support
Photoelectric theory support
Systematic treatment plan
Hands-on skills teaching
Case study Q&A

1. General Introduction of Core Technology of Science and Technology for Beauty

2.Pigment Pigmentation Triad Treatment Method

3.Skin barrier (sensitive) repair technology and core application

4.CO2 fractional laser safety application technology

5.Q switched / picosecond laser pigment treatment technology

6. IPL Intense Pulsed Light (photon) all-round application technology

7. RF (Thermage) and HIFU anti-aging treatment application technology

8.1927nm thulium laser in the core application of skin aesthetic treatment

9. Salicylic acid / fruit acid cosmetic technology application

10. Treatment of acne and seborrheic skin problems

11.7D HIFU/Fotona 4D/sofwave treatment principle and technology introduction.

12.Post-operative repair products

13. Aesthetic program setting and matching

14.Mesotherapy - PDRN and laser combination

On November 17-19, 2021, 36 beauty operators and dermatologists from all over China gathered in Guangzhou Choicy's beauty academy to attend a 3-day photoelectric aesthetic core technology intensive training course. Photoelectric aesthetic is scientific, logical and systematic, participate in the photoelectric training class can learn the most down-to-earth, the most hardcore photoelectric operation technology and post-operative repair program, so that each student can obtain quality improvement from the theoretical basis and practical technology on two levels, the purpose is to let students in the aesthetic problem diagnosis, as well as project operation, articulation are more accurate and targeted.

Choicy aesthetic academy teaches you to diagnose each aesthetic problem, leads to a treatment plan/restoration plan, and tells you the principles of treatment. Only if you know what it is, you can determine how and why!

1. Aesthetic skin professional physiological knowledge

Starting from the skin perspective

1. explains the pathology of skin aging, skin barrier, sensitive skin, acne, and pigmentation formation and how to repair them.

2. to recognize the knowledge points related to skin pathology and cosmetic problems.

3. analyze the "culprits" that lead to skin barrier damage and the skin problems induced by skin barrier damage, so that you can understand the "essence" of each skin problem, and then develop a corresponding treatment plan from the "essence" of skin problems.

2. Pigment Pigmentation Triad Treatment Method

Pathological analysis of pigment spots (freckles, chloasma, brown nevus, sun spots, coffee spots, freckle-like nevus, age spots, composite spots), typing and identification of pigment spots, what are the two main categories of pigment spots? How to master the key points of treatment for the two types of pigmentation? The course starts from the various stages of pigment production and metabolism, what are the ways to block, inhibit and disintegrate the excess pigment. The course will reveal the appearance to see the essence and let you know how to apply the "triple sign" treatment method to solve the pigmentation problems.

3. Commonly used photoelectric aesthetic equipment application technology and practical operation

Starting with the operation principle of photoelectric devices, we will explain the application techniques of Q switched, picosecond, IPL, CO2 fractional laser, 1927nm fractional thulium laser, Thermage, HIFU and other devices, and teach you how to apply photoelectric aesthetic devices to a variety of skin treatments, such as yellowing, whitening, brightening, treating red blood, acne, skin sensitivity, face lifting, spot reduction and hair removal. skin problems.

4. Photoelectricity + acid + product post-operative restoration technology (anti-inflammatory and pigmentation control)

The repair after photoelectric treatment can greatly enhance the treatment effect. The course will give you the knowledge of skin repair, so that you can learn how to use the correct method and products to repair the damaged skin and prevent re-darkening and pigmentation after treatment.

5.Hands-on Highlights

In the arranged hands-on time, all the students grouped together to practice Q switched, picosecond, IPL (photon), CO2 fractional laser, 1927nm thulium laser, Thermage, HIFU, LED photodynamic, mesotherapy (PDRN salmon hydroluminescence hands-on), salicylic acid, fruit acid and acid brushing, etc.